13 09 2017
Ook jij kan statushouders aan een baan helpen

Welk werkervaringsplek kan jij een vluchteling aanbieden? read more

07 08 2017
Deloitte To Lose People Resources

Deloitte is getting rid of affinity groups without ever figuring out how to benefit from them read more

04 08 2017
BACK-UP project voor jongeren

BACK-UP leert jongeren hun netwerken ontwikkelen, benutten en delen read more

12 07 2017
Tips voor netwerken - Boekrecensie

Alweer een positive recensie voor So You Think You Can't Network read more

12 04 2017
Netwerk les voor statushouders en samenleving

Netwerk les geeft statushouders snel antwoord op alles wat ze nodig hebben. read more

07 03 2017
Networks, Diversity and Innovation

Networks are stabilizers and that can be a good or not so good thing for your organization read more

27 02 2017
Lack of Network a Disadvantage to Migrant Kids

Having weak ties is a hallmark of equal opportunity. Schools must support children of migrants. read more

21 02 2017
Meet People, Have Networks

Lets ditch the verb "network". Meet people, be inquisitive, share. Introduce them to your networks. read more

24 01 2017
Rutte's Handshake

Type “Rutte” and “handshake” into your search engine and see if you can find a woman read more

09 01 2017
Mike's Best Resources Available, For Free

This is a year for thinking big. To help you accomplish big things, you need people with qualities read more