NETSHEILA is your partner in finding resources. Through Netsheila you will discover completely new ways of valuing your organization and its people. People will connect and your resources will expand.

In Kampala (Uganda), Melbourne (Australia), Krommenie (The Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium), people are going about their business. They may be independent entrepreneurs with an ambition to enter the export market, or teachers wanting to support students in getting the best education they can. They may be bankers, or health care managers, or charities, or journalists or engineers.

They all know that they have to get more done, with less. Their clients have less to spend. They have less access to government financing. Their staff numbers are cut and their ambitions are still high.

And while social media is being billed as a great way for businesses to connect with their public, overstretched employees can barely find the time to do so.

If they are Netsheila clients, they are getting better results, with less effort.

By working with Netsheila you can offer your employees, clients, colleagues access to new resources that will help them build more cohesive strategies, find expertise and roll out programs with more fun and at less cost. We do that by connecting people to a vast resource that already exists in the organization: the connections people have.

Two Netsheila products to order now!                                Book: So You Think You Can’t Network, A guide to using your connections as resources                                                    Workshop: Network and Connect. Call us for details.

Netsheila uses connectedness to bring financial stability to international organizations, to organize international conferences and to acquire funding for international research projects. Netsheila is asked to speak regularly at international events, to share our knowledge on diversity management, connecting people and building a culture of cooperation around a shared vision.

Whether your focus is global or local, Netsheila will work with you to rediscover connectedness as it has been developed for centuries. Netsheila gives organizations and companies access to that connectedness, as a management and a strategic tool.

Social capital is a source of innovation and development