Increase the effectiveness of your organization. Get more done with less. NETSHEILA has you work with social capital that already exists and is available to you.

Organizations - both commercial and non-profit – have access to a huge reservoir of knowledge and relationships, which they largely do not use. When organizations recognize and value their social capital, things change radically. New possibilities emerge. The organization finds itself in the midst of a culture of cooperation and a positive working environment. Employees experience their workload as lighter. External resources are within reach. From blue to white-collar workers, people become aware that their collective social capital has a high intrinsic value.

Netsheila provides insight and instruments to make good use of the wealth of this social capital.

Networks – the people we know and the people they know – contribute to projects and organizations on several levels. They make it possible for us to develop knowledge and skills. They also generate trust, giving people a base from which they can use their skills and capacities most effectively. Our “Networked Organization Approach to Management” has proven valuable to many clients.

Netsheila itself is a network of consultants, a circle of assets, with Lin McDevitt-Pugh as the binding factor. We offer an extensive range of experience in development

cooperation, sociological research, strategic development, management and culture change in projects around the world. We help move organizations from “good enough” to “the best there is”.

Netsheila was established in 2010 to connect people, and in doing so to promote inclusive workplaces, with dignity and respect for all people. We work with schools, universities, civil society organizations, public organizations and commercial companies.

World class projects require world-class teams