You may be passionate about education, a world that works for everyone, or beauty. You may want to develop your career.  Whatever your ambition, the people in your environment are resources that you can use effectively to fulfill that ambition.

Netsheila works with you to have your networks support you in realizing your ambitions. Our specialists bring unique, network-based approaches to projects, delighting our clients with expected and unexpected results.

Zaanstad City Council (2016 - present)
Training refugees in the norms and values of Dutch society, and in building and maintaining networks.

Wemos Foundation (2016)
Developing a financial strategic plan, with partnership and relationship as core elements.

Vlaardingen Municipality (2016 - present)
Toether with the City Council and the many organisations in Vlaardingen that provide services to newly settled refugees, build the capacity of refugees and the services to use networks effectively.

EIGE -  European Institute for Gender Equality (2013 - )
Diverse research contracts, including a Framework Contract together with partner OQ Consulting.

HIRDA Foundation (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2016 )
In partnership with FRIS Collective, acquisition of an abundance of resources for this organisation of Somalians living outside their home country and focused on re-building Somalia.

Hivos (The Hague, The Netherlands, 2013 - 2016)
Various successful project proposals, including projects to stop child labor and to promote women's participation in political life in Southern Africa, the MENA region and in Iraq.


European Parliament (2014 )
Research into the Situation of Women in the Gulf Countries. NETSHEILA co-wrote the successful tender document, managed the project and found the researchers.

Wo=Men (The Hague, The Netherlands, 2012-2015)
Working with diverse actors to develp a shared strategy on policy development, gender and corporate social responsibility. Researching the impact of new government policy on NGOs in the Netherlands.

Atria, Institute on gender equality and women’s history (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2012-2013)
Management of a research project for the European Institute for Gender Equality. Atria found scientists and researchers in their netweork of networks to complete this project successfully. Here is a link to the factsheet we produced.

TRIAS VMBO (Krommenie, The Netherlands, 2012 - 2014)
A project to support a culture of cooperation and innovation in a secondary school.

Saenredam College (Zaanstad, The Netherlands, 2014 - 2015)
A project to support a culture of cooperation and innovation in a secondary school.

WageIndicator Foundation (Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2013)
Further developing a European network of websites on labour issues. Completed with a successful EU grant proposal.



Van Hall Larenstein (Wageningen, The Netherlands, 2012)
A workshop in developing networking as a competence, for tertiary education staff.

IHLIA (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2011-2012)
Project management for an ambitious international conference on the future of the cultural heritage of gay, lesbian, trans and bisexual men and women. Building a network of organizations to fulfil shared goals.

International Women’s Development Agency (Australia, 2011)
A one-day training in utilizing the social capital of colleagues to realize your own professional goals.

Cordaid (Den Haag, The Netherlands, 2010)
Contribution to an international training of partner organizations in developing and managing effective networks.

IICD (Den Haag, The Netherlands, 2010)
Management training in incorporating gender and network expertise in management strategies.

ING Gay and Lesbian network (The Netherlands, 2010)
Strategy training in using the social capital of the LGBT employee network to make the workplace one where everyone can contribute fully.

ProInvest (EU, Brussels, Belgium 2010-2011)
Reinforcing the competitiveness of women entrepreneurs in Africa, with a focus on understanding the networks involved in the export market