The Network and Connect workshop helps organizations and entrepreneurs develop and activate internal and external networks.

Participants in the workshop look at their own social and professional networks through the eyes of their colleagues and peers. They explore how the people they know can practically contribute, in large ways and small, to their projects and goals. In small groups of four or five, participants share their ambitions, and explore their challenges. When participants let each other know what they are up to, they get access to resources they may not have dreamt possible.

Entrepreneurs, employees and stakeholders of small and large organizations around the world have participated in the workshop and have experienced the long-term benefits it produces.

At the end of the workshop, participants

  • Know how to develop networks that match their goals
  • Have tools at their disposal to utilize the networks of friends and colleagues
  • Are competent in using social media in network strategies.


#SYTYCN - So You Think You Can't Network by Lin McDevitt-Pugh and published by Eburon Management Books was launched in June 2016. We want thousands of people to develop mastery in involving the people they know in their initiatives and endeavors. Everyone has an abundance of resources at their fingertips.

 Networking is sharing. What you think, know and do has value for others.