Person_Lin Lin McDevitt-Pugh MBA              (The Netherlands, Australia) has mobilized the power of connections in establishing and managing networks for change for over 20 years. A strategist and problem-solver par excellence, she has earned international recognition for her work with connecting for gender justice and LGBT rights. Her key words are partnership, respect, diversity and dignity for all people. An award winning writer, her research on the value of networks to businesses and organizations forms the basis of the networking workshops provided by Netsheila.

martha Martha McDevitt-Pugh
(The Netherlands, USA) has over 20 years experience in technology and financial services in Silicon Valley and internationally. Passionate about the quality she delivers, she is also mover and shaker for equality. She serves on the board of a workplace LGBT employee resource group and is a successful campaigner for immigration rights for same-sex binational families in her native USA. Martha speaks and writes frequently on equality and immigration issues.


Person_wendy_Harcourt Dr Wendy Harcourt
(Italy, The Netherlands, Australia) is the editor of the internationally appraised journal Development, and teaches at the Institute of Social Studies in the Hague, the Netherlands. She lives with her family in Rome and visits her native Australia regularly. Her extensive research focuses on globalization and development from a gender perspective. She regularly collaborates with public policy makers from United Nations institutions, research institutions, women’s organizations and movements for social justice. Wendy brings a network of researchers and knowledge specialists to the Netsheila team.

patrice%20131007 Professor Patrice Braun (Australia, The Netherlands) is the Director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for Women & Technology and holds a PhD in regional network development and ICT. A globally engaged Action Researcher, her work focuses on women’s empowerment and inclusive entrepreneurship. Patrice consults on gender and SME policy, networks and clusters, collaboration and ICT for Development (ICTD) processes for regional resilience and community well-being. She is a regular contributor to APEC and EU Commission forums and was the Australian focal point for an APEC-wide 5-year capacity building program to enhance women’s participation in the knowledge economy.  Patrice brings programme development, monitoring and evaluation experience to Netsheila's clients.

Paul%20Overdijk Paul Overdijk  (NL) is a creative and passionate strategy consultant, with broad international experience in the corporate world as well as in volunteer organisations promoting equality for LGBT people. Paul has an established history in high-level management and leadership in large companies. Paul works with Netsheila clients on short term projects to create strategic solutions to management issues they face.

Person_Blackwood Stephanie Blackwood                 (USA) has worked in marketing communications in the United States for over 20 years and has held key positions with the University of Kansas and Ohio State University. She has provided pro bono managerial services to among others the Women's Economic Development Corporation, Ms. Foundation for Women, Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, YWCA of Columbus and Hospital of Hope in Senegal. She combines commercial savvy with accountability to your personal values, for the benefit of Netsheila clients.